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On this occasion I will share information about the difference between JPG and JPEG. As is well known, JPG and JPEG are photo formats that we often use. When you save a photo, be it on a computer or on a smartphone, the format of the document will change to .jpg or .jpeg. That’s what is often referred to as a file extension.

Both formats are most widely used because of their relatively small file size without having to reduce image quality. Regardless, of course, each format has its differences. However, in general there is no big difference between JPG and JPEG formats, in fact they are often used together in 1 document. Here you can see the difference between JPG and JPEG.


Basically, the difference between JPG and JPEG lies in the number of characters used. Today the JPG format is familiar to the majority of people, so it is more often chosen. For the quality of the photo, it actually makes no difference, so the quality in JPG and JPEG formats both depends on the pixel size of the photo itself.

Well, for the file size, JPG and JPEG are quite small with a range of only a few megabytes. Therefore, JPG and JPEG are often favorites of the web on the internet.


JPG format can be present because in the past in the old versions of Windows it required a 3-letter extension for the file name. So the format .jpeg shortened to .jpg. At that time, windows or DOS had limitations, while for UNIX there were none, so UNIX and MAC users could use the .jpeg.

Of course, because currently windows has a new version and file extensions have begun to a lot, .jpeg appear in windows which seems to be a new format when it is not. So currently windows has supported naming format with 4 letters. So you can open photo files with .jpeg format as well as .jpg on windows.


JPEG is a file extension that stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. JPEG is an ISO standard that was released in 1992. JPEG is the most commonly used format of bitmap compression, usually for the benefit of lossy compression with varying compression ratios.

In addition, this .jpeg format is most often used by digital cameras and other devices. However, while this format is good for colours and photos, it is also important to know that the quality of the photos is reduced due to the compression process.


The most important advantage of the JPG and JPEG formats is that they have a high compression rate, but still use true coloor colors, which are 24 bits. So even though the file size is small, the colors displayed are still accurate, so that the quality of the photos is maintained properly.

As modern technologies develop, operating systems also come into development and allow you to use larger extensions. Extension limitations on files such as .jpg and .jpeg have now begun to disappear because the format of both can be widely accepted by the public. Perhaps the obvious difference between JPG and JPEG lies only in the number of letters used.

Thus this article about the difference between jpg and jpeg I made, hopefully what I discussed in this article can be useful and you can gain new knowledge, and don’t forget to continue reading how to screenshot on the laptop easily.

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